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Indochine Cruise

Indochine Cruise (6 stars)- There is no better way to explore Ha Long Bay or Lan Ha Bay than to spend 1 or 2 nights on a cruise ship, an aspirational journey for any traveler in the world.
Indochine Cruises – one of the units providing high-class resort travel services in Ha Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay, launched a new itinerary for all three yacht brands. Separate overnight stay is Indochine Cruise (Lan Ha bay) and Indochine Premium Cruise (Ha Long Bay)
In addition to the strength of space and privacy, over the past two decades, Indochina Sails’ ships have also brought customers’ vacations to a new level, providing enjoyable fully connected vacations on the water.
High-class excursions, dedicated hospitality served.
Welcome to the sea with Indochine Cruise 6 Stars